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You can get some of every cut from your beef. Whatever you do not want, will be put into hamburger. Any steak can be a roast or vice-versa.

Ribeye Steaks- You can have these bone-in or boneless. You get more steak if you leave them bone-in. You can also get either Prime Rib Roast(Boneless) or Standing Rib Roast(Bone-In) from these.

T-Bone Steaks- can be left as is or boneless as Filet Mignon and NY Strip Steaks.

Sirloin Steaks- are usually bigger than the rest. We normally pack these one per pack because of the size. These can also be made into roasts.

Chuck- You can get steak and roast or one or the other.

Shoulder- You can get steak and roast or one or the other.

Round- Is a tougher cut of beef. It is a really big steak. Most people cube this. The Round can also be cut into roasts: Top Round, Eye of the Round and Bottom Round or London Broil. If you want Beef Jerky we can slice it from the Round.

Sirloin Tip Roast- AKA Tri-Tip Roast. A very nice boneless roast. This is where Beef Tips are cut from. It can also be cut into steaks or stew for you.

Rump Roast has a round bone in it and can also be cut into steaks if you want.

All Meat Stew- AKA Beef Stew, are small chunks of meat. There is no fat or bone in this stew. We usually give four  1-1.5 lb. Packs , unless you ask for more. We can also cut stir-fry strips or kabobs.

Rib Stew- Small pieces of meat, bone and fat. Normally, you will get 2-3 packs of this stew.

Brisket Stew- Also small pieces of meat, bone and fat. Also, usually you will get 2-3 packs. You can also get your Brisket in a Roast.

Hamburger- available in 1, 1.5 and 2 lb. Packs and can be vacuum sealed for an extra $0.02/lb.

Soup Bones- From the neck. These are not marrow bones. You will get 2 small packs of these.

Short Ribs- Cut in small squares, you will get several packs of these.

Liver and Oxtail will be sliced. Heart and Tongue come as they are if you want these.



Slaughter    $60.00

Cut, Wrap, Freeze    $0.74/lb on the hanging weight

Patties  $0.75/lb

Smoked Beef Sausage​  $1.00/lb

*Vacuum Sealed hamburger is an additional $20.00