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Slaughter   $45.00

​Cut, Wrap & Freeze   $0.74/lb (hanging weight)

Bulk Sausage   $0.50/lb

Fresh Link Sausage or patties   $0.75/lb

​Patties  $0.75/lb

Smoked Sausage   $1.00/lb

Smoked Meats   $0.50/lb

Bacon $10.00 flat rate both slabs

Smoked Hamhocks $5.00

​Smoked Neckbones $5.00


You can get every cut on your order. Whatever you do not check on your sheet, will be put into sausage. We can smoke anything you want.

Pork Chops- You need to decide how thick you want them and how many you want per pack. Also, you can get bone-in or boneless Loin Roasts if you want. The Tenderloin is the small side of the Pork Chop. You can get boneless Pork Chops if you want. Also, if you want Baby back ribs, we will have to debone your Pork Chops. These can be smoked.

Hams- Hams do not automatically come smoked. If you want them smoked, please make a note of that. You can get them Whole (these are typically really large, usually for Christmas or Thanksgiving), Halved(your whole ham cut in half for roasts or we can cut them into three of four roasts, just notate if you want it that way), Sliced-designate your desired thickness and quantity per pack to the right. You can also get them cubed, like cubed steak or country fried steak. You can mix and match these however you like.

Sausage- Available: Ground in a bag, link fresh, link smoked and patties. You can mix this up as well. Our flavors are: Mild, Medium, Hot, Italian, Maple Brown Sugar, Chorizo and Cajun. Or, if you would like, you can bring in your own ingredients.

Bacon - Is not bacon unless it is smoked. It will taste like a fatty pork chop if it is not smoked. Our thin cut is thicker than the grocery store because of the saw we cut it on. You can have it cut thicker if you would like.

Shoulders - Can be whole(usually how they come in the grocery store as a Boston Butt) Sliced as Pork Steak, Country Style Ribs or we can cut them into Boston Butt Roasts which are cut at 2”. You can mix and match these also.

Spareribs -Can be left whole or split down the middle.

Neck bones- Can be left fresh or smoked or put into sausage.   

Ham hocks- Can be left fresh or smoked or put into sausage.

If you want the head, you have to pick it up on the day of slaughter and let us know to keep it.

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