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*Beef normally hangs for 14 days.  You can hang your's for up to 21 days, with no extra charge.  It does help to tenderize the meat, but it does alter the taste slightly

*Cows usually, not always, dress 50% of their live weight

​*Everything will be vacuum sealed except for hamburger.  This can be as well, but there is an additional $20 charge

*If you split a half of a beef with someone else, the steak thickness needs to be the same.  Know that the less your cuts sheets have in common, the less even your orders will be.  Example:  If you get all of your cuts and the other person gets mostly hamburger, there is no way to make that perfectly even


​*When you drop your pig off, it will be processed the following Monday.  We will smoke the meat Wednesday and pack up smoked meat on Friday.  Completion times vary, so I will call you.  We are open on Saturdays from 8-12 for pickups as well

*Pigs usually, not always, dress 70% of their live weight.  Their weights vary more due to fat content and how they were fed

*If you feed a pig a lot of bread, the meat tends to be sloppy and has an odor

*Pot belly pigs do not yield very much meat, they are mostly fat

*We do not use liquid smoke.  We smoke for approximately 6 hours over pecan wood

*Pigs do not need to hang for 14 days like cows, we hang them no more than 7 days

*If you make your pork into all smoked sausage, your bill be substantially higher  


​*You can drop coolers off any weekday.  Make sure they have PLENTY OF ICE on them.  Even if they are frozen.  

*Make sure you let the body cool down before putting it in the cooler, or make sure the ice gets in between the meat.  It will sour

​*Make sure your cooler has you name on it and we have your phone number and instructions before you leave