*For after hours skinning, call  Jimmy @ 386-623-2840 or Lydia @ 386-984-7633, we will meet you here

*You can drop off coolers Mon-Fri 8-5 and Saturday 8-12.  Make sure the cooler(s) has your name on it and we have your number and instructions before you leave

*Make sure they have plenty of ice on them, even if they are frozen.  

*Please come pick up your order when I call within 5 days, we cannot store it for you, unless previously discussed

*We are located at the old Crawford's place.  We will not be processing at Bivins

**Prices: $1.50/lb

*Additional-Fresh bulk sausage $0.50/lb, Link fresh and sliced patties  $0.75/lb and smoked sausage  $1.00/lb

*For clarity, we weigh what comes out of your cooler or hanging carcass and you will be charged $1.50/lb(Hamburger, cubed steak, etc.) If you get sausage, you will be charged for that on top of the $1.50 according to the type you get

Call now to find out how: 386-496-2276

​                        Email: northflcustommeats@windstream.net