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All cuts of meat will be vacuum packed.  It helps keep your meat fresher longer.  Per the manufacturer, as long as the seal does not break the meat will remain fresh for up to three years. It makes thawing easier and less messy.   You will tell us how many steaks, chops, etc.  you want per pack, so there will be no waste.  



Your meat just the way you want it

We understand the importance of getting YOUR meat back.  We only process one animal at a time.  The tag that is put on your animal at the time of slaughter will follow your animal through the whole process. We know you feed your animal the way you like it and a lot of people are different.  We know you put a lot of effort into your animal, so we put a lot of effort to ensure you get YOUR meat back.

As a custom meat processor, we combine your preferences and our expertise. We can put together a cut order to get the most for your money and what  you need for your family.   You can have your steaks cut the thickness you love, your pork chops as a loin roast or hams cubed as country fried pork steak.  The possibilities are endless. Smoked sausage, smoked ham, sliced patties.  Whatever you like.


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